Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Its only tuesday... :/

It feels like friday, friday getting down on fridayyyy... <3
School,, has been so boring this week, and were only 2 days in,, i had English this morning,, which was alright and then i had p.e,, and im overly competitive at times...then i had double science...ms poole's lesson was really good, but we had a supply in chemistry. i hate book work. Then i had drama, my fave lesson of the day. Home time,, and i was bored once agaain.. so i played on sims 3 :L.

I cant wait for the weekend,, because itll only be 1 week and abit until i go on holiday... roll on april 16th,, because i get to get away for a week woop wooooop :D 

oooo and its summmer yaay :D

Picture taken on my phone,, on the weekend, this is mine and ellies pose :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Birtthdaay time!

Haappy birthdaay to my mum :)
She's veryy excitable :L,, lol for her age :L
Off to nanss later,, ill snap some pics for the blog,, peace out ;)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

School is flippin mad!

Got my business assessment + english exam tommorow! eek eek eek!

Im extremely thirrsty... :/ wow,, how intresting.....
okay im going to revise... heres a picture from the weekend, i cant wait for this weekend mums birthday! :D

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Sick sick sick.. :/

Soo im off school todaay due to very high temperature and dizzyness :(
I had to miss my mock exam yesterday,, as i couldnt even stand up without being sick :(
Im back at schoool tommorow for my controlled assessment and my english exam. and got to sort out about missing my mock,, boy am i gonna get screamed at!

Ive been a very poorly girl,, but im now on the mend,, woop wooop :D