Thursday, 1 March 2012

study periods are shit!

So library was closed; and ive got nothing to do!
I was gonna start making my goodluck cards; but the printer has no paper!
im just chilling out in my study period; with nothing to do woo!
there acc shit.
i hear mr thompson! :3
i have my phone so i can go on facebook and twitter.
i type loudly!
im having a conversation with my mind right now. :L
i want my chocolate buttons :3
i cant wait till assembly is over itll be home time! :D
wooo :D
i need to speak to miss aspinal doe. oh gosh.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

wow! its been awhile...

So; i dont know how many months its been! BUT FIRST POST OF 2012!.
bit late there... awks.
anyways; so im about to go to bed; cause im knackered and have dance; and have to wake up at 8AM. wooo!:)
i love gangshow.
3 weeks :D
4 weeks today itll be over!:(