Wednesday, 29 June 2011

day 4.! :O

one more day holypoo. so prouuud lol.. kidding ;)
i have 2 moree hours and then like 3 months off.. get in there :D
urmm i wanna make this short.. sorry :/
urmmm yeah. (:
peace out now..
ill post later yes:D
k byes x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Left school today.. :'(

Okaaay so left school today. it was overly emotional. i almost cried at the music we went into little sad:L
but yeah.. never thought ide miss me old year this much. but im going to have great memories of them forever and i can guarentee now ill never forget them!
but yeah.. im going to keep in contact with my main friend ella obviously weve been friends for 11+ years and we aint letting that go.. even if were finally going our seperate ways.. :(
anyways i dont wanna cry over blogspot.. so yeah
3rd day postiiing.. mega proud:L
pffft. just kidding.. its like 11pm. and i gotta be up at 7.30. rebel. :L kidddddding. (:
yeah its 11.10pm. and im overly tired but i want to go to sleep and i dont cause if i go sleep all im gonna think about is my year grouuup,, but i need to be sprousy got to do a day of taster sessions tommorow. not fun.
but i get to see me new teachers :O
okay im going thiis is long. but its deffently in a few years.. ill look back and read all of these.. and be like wow. (: <3

Monday, 27 June 2011

2 days in a row woopwoop:D

so.. im meant to have this weirrd sixth form thing today.. but they gave no time or anything... so i have no flipping clue bouuut it,, so i aint going.. haviing a shower and then getting ready(:
Got science revision. urgh so boring but hey hoooo i live..(:
2 more exams! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!woopwoooop:D
german revisiooon...then german exam till 2pmish.(:
wisssh me luck ;)
no picture as on laptop.. urmm buut acc...
I made this a little while ago.. top left is littlesea 2010 i miss them guys so much.. i miss amber being there:(
but i also miss charlie even tho i still see her.. i miss her being a funstar.
top right is me and daryl. geeeeee i miss him so much less than 8 weeks till i see his smiley face so excited much! :D
bottom left.. me and bunny daryl's eggs i love that picture so much.. holds very good memories:D
bottom right is littlesea tean 2011.. i miss debra and gemma.. :O :(
james has left now.. and we have a new on called kimberly she looks nice and fun:D
app she is the singer so hope she has a good voice hehe:)
anyways.. 8am play on omgpop for abiit then in the shower.// peace <3

Sunday, 26 June 2011

back from the river!

Sooo went to the river with my two friends Ella and Mia.. had a really nice time:D
Yeah so this is a picture of me and my friends ella we went paddeling in the river a little bit but i cant swim so we just kinda stood there.. it was nice and cool.. muddy feet though lol:L
yeah my top im wearing £6 from primark love it x333333
My friend jenn said it looked like it was from river island tehehe:D
yeahokaaaay ;)
I toook this photo this morning.. and i really like it.. one photo were i dont look half bad tehe:D
yeah.. tempted to put it on my actual blog.. as i kinda of need a updated blog!(:

okay so im goinng to update my blog
:3 i dont know why love that face atm:L
peace and love

i have successfully posted once today ;)

Soo im going shopping by my tod today pretty excited not sure what im going to get yet though tehe:D:L
Going primark.. i know somethings i wanna get but i know there gonna be crazy expensive so i dont know if ill bother lol :L ;)
also having KFC and a icecream if its warm.(:
nom nom nom :D
urhhh yeah i dont know what to say.. i shouuld really get dressed so i can go but shops wont open till like 10am on sundays so i have plenty of time.. leave house bout half ten ish:L
i thiink im going to go play omgpop till 10.. wake me up abiit wonder what wacky things ill have to draw on draw my thing!:L
create match
5 players...
ooooo how exciting not :L
i finally learnt how to put the omgpop link as a tab yay:D
a telephone.. pfft. mine sucked
and then a fingernail. lol:D
im thrasshing them!:L
LOL the word was toilet paper:D
peace out.(:
ill post aaagin later

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Can i post for the next 5 days lets see:D

Sooo hi,, set myself a little challenge to blog for 5 days in a row. Its gonna be a complete fail. Buuuut hey who cared ill give it ago!(:
Sooo ive been ill today which really sucks.. i woke up at 4am and was sick.. cause you needed to know that. So i didnt get to go shopping. :( but im going tommorow, and im gonna go earlyish hopefully so i can get into kfc before it gets packed ;) Theeen im just gonna do some shopping by my tod.. but i like shopping by myself cause i can walk around like no ones business and i aint got mum nagging me(:

But on the brighter siide i was having a chat with katie yesterday about littlesea 8 weeks officially today and i will be there right now sat in the club.. with daryl and debra!:D
Also last night found out theyve brought back the shows.. like the singing shows and stuff which is really good because i loved the shows so friggen much! so happy happy happy!! :D

So i took thiis yesterday.. i really love this picture.. i ediited it on picnik bout half an hour ago! :D
Im so smiley.. really cant believe i took it yesterday cause straight after this i was ill.. :/
yeah.. so i hope you enjoyed my blog.. ill try and post tommorow.. maybe ill take pics of things i get shopping and post them on here:D souuunds cool;)

peace and speak to yaaaall soon!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Shopping today:D

Abouut to go shopping with my muum and sister in about an hour 1 hour ;) <3
juuust watchiing anuubis unlocked <3
i wanna see the end of it :)
wah its nearlly over. that sucks. :/
ahhhhhh wow. :)

my last daaay at school on tuesdaay goonna miss my friends muchlies <3

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

long time no post :(

Okaaay so here's the shiiz.. i havent posted in like forever because...
ive been having a liife.. so i recently went caaamping iin the raain yay much!:L <3
ive also had like heck loads of exams! gaaaaaaaaaah! :L
but like there basicaallyy finished now 3 to go! :)
so ill post again sooon.. (:

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Just out the shower(:

Just out the shower.. waiting for my dinner about to do a sudoko for my mum:L
lol. :)
going to watch bgt and then corination street exciting much pahaha:L
i smell fooooood(:
nom nom:D
diiidnt amanda loook amaazing last night<3
sooo heyy thur ant and deecc
okaay so im going 
pppaeece out:L
ooo i love ellie
and jen
and becca
and baps

AHHHHHH BGT JUDGES. amanda looks friiiggeen stunnning as per!<3
ah ah ah ah 
the hoff

god i love them. <3
i have a huge growing obsession with macintyre..
k bye(:
sorry no picture i haveent taken any today. :/

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

waterloo road&Britains got talent(:

hey guuys,, so i took this today.. i have a fringe kinda now.. i moved my parting so i can have a fringe.. i just need some clips(: 
anyways ive just watched waterloo roaad.. im so saad about the headmistress and the caretaker.. they need to get together! 
Im watching bgt on taape now:D 
itss coool:D