Sunday, 29 May 2011

Long time no speak?! :O

So ive been a little sad latley as it was my last day at school ever on friday! Im going to miss these lot so much! <3 

But anyways ive been busy with  school& Exams and having a life atm:LL!/xcharlottex3 - twwwittter :D

Im going to meet becca for dancing in abiit(: got to get two buses so im loading my phone up with mussic :D
Im excited much! :D 
i havent seen her since end of march! so im a little overly excited :L
anywyass peace aannd yeh(:
ill blog soon
pinnky promise ;) 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eurovision contest!

Come on England <3 do us all proud... :)
So im watching it right now were on 25/25 acts at last...! 
Bluee weree amazing! gossh! 
Just prank called my friend to pass time.. gosh lol! 
can you help me find a male's hairdressers :LL aaahhh goood times! :D
aaa i love my friends! :D pahahahaa!
waiting to see jedwards little clipp for ireland looool ;)
hungraary r goood :D
LOL jeedward. bahahahaa so much energy... :L
gosh swedeen hot tings! go swedeeen!!!
what is estonia doing! pahhaaa!! :LLL
russsia... more things.. and wow. there amaazing. 
france.... urgh. :L to classical.
omg. i hate italy. wow. pahahaha.
aaahhhhh blue! god. there amazing in everywaay! :O

Off to dance soon..(:

Danceeey... danceeey,, danceeeey...
Sooo like im going out in 20 minutes.. to go dance,,, helping some grade 4's and modern,, woop wooop :D
watching icarly :LL
anywayss gotta get changed... paeaceee :L

Pictures of me and becca... were coool k ;)

Friday, 13 May 2011

7% battery left...

Better make this short and sweet with a fast decreasing battery! paahaha... i have about 2minutes more ahhh!
7.30am wake up for dance what fuuuun. :/ nottt
so i hope yoouu liked my post yesterdaay i was acc at schooool no lie i was in the library like all kewl kids when i had a free cause i finished Drama gcse. (:
soooo yh. k. cool. i dunnoo whatta say im tired.
so its beeeders time. so like yh. okay. im going. lets just add a random sexy picture ;) Me and ellie... im revising and i loook eww and shes a kewl kid. is that a sexy enough pic i fink it is. k bye. (:

Thursday, 12 May 2011

rice pudding... ewwwwww

Mine&Ayans picture of the day ;)

aha sat in school with ayan! :L

Im at schoool right now.. printing off exam papers... sat with ayan breathing down my neck :)
she just hit me... ouch! :(
hiii ayan! (:
LOL awkward sausage....
seriously ayan.
wow this is funny... didnt know u could get on anything on our school network lol :)
so follow ayan.. i cant member her blog name... but she has one to anwser messages to  DS :)
inside. joke.
okay. bye.peace.
say bye ayan......
she doesnt say bye. she laaughhhheed :)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

great pulled a ligement :/

sooo hit my finger on a piece of metal and it swelled up and bruised and now im sat in bed with a bandage on with a fudged ligement :/
greeaaat :/
soooo its almost bed time but im never gonna sleep tonight :/
so peace out :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

10pm and i havent done my homework... eeek!

Aha... yeah its 10pm... i havent done my homework and im sat typing this whaaaat a saddo (: 
Soooo today was my art exam... mixed with leaking water pots and flying paint brushes i handed in 2 pieces with my sketch book showing the simularities and differences of bright and dark buildings yaaaaaaay :D aha borrring much (: 
I came home to msn.. with ellie and facebook with jenn! which is always a delight :D waaaaaaaaay! :D
I have actually blooggeeed! like 2 days in row whether i will tommorow is a different questionn! (:  Thee picture is from the weekend.. i cant wait for the weeeeekend! goonnnna be goood! :D Sooo peace out and ill try and see you tommorow k bye (:

Feeling sick agaaain... :/

Oooo gosh... i feel sick once again... :/ I feel so tired and a tummy ache again. :/ 
Watching eastenders... aha scott maslen.. gosh (: 
If only my eyes werent killing me... :/ 
Mr alkaali rip... died on the weekend. god bless you and look after you <3
I miss debra, daryl, Gemma and Tasha... this picture is from then... of Daryl..debs... james and alex. Urgh james. hate him. but daz and debss (: 
I miss littlesea so much! not long till im back yay :D <3

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sexy new bloooog...

yeeeehh,, what a sexy new blog... new pics and new background... i will soon have more new stuff to interact with... but on my laptop everythings being annoying and glitchy but ill sort it out tommmmoroww :)
Schhhhoool tommorow and its 11.06pm so good night (: 5 hour art exam. not what i call fun. oooo and to let you know.. yes i have green eyees.. because im writing everywere green eyes. just to prove it i have green eyes.

Mars fever... :)

OMG. BRUNO MARS. LAZY SONG GOSH. instead of bieber fever i have mars fever k :)
long time nooo blogg... yeah sorry about thaaaat... i faaail at blogging reguarly..... i will soon though promise :) 
So ive done 5 out of 10 hours of my art exam.. got one more day of my art exam and then shabam i never have to do a art exam agaaaain yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
But on the bright sidee.. it means i dont have to worry about homework till tommorow... yayaaaaay :D
Soooo here's a picture i took it todaaay... about half an hour ago with my blue screen behind me.... (: I look ewww... and its unedited.... because what the hecccck! Im going to try and become more proffesional with my photography soon and really want to take some more pictures of scenery at some point.... (: see you soon on my blog ppppeaaaaace out (: