Wednesday, 13 July 2011

nobodys perfect :)

Heeeeeeeeeey. so today my friends been having a little trouble.
go jump back in ur biffa bin clive.
anywhooooo ;)
title nobodys perfect.. they saying i keep saying atm is..
once a bitch always a bitch.. i must say. <3
i love this photo.. deeply. <3

Monday, 11 July 2011

I know i posted what 2 seconds agoo.. buuuuuut...

I havent put a picture.. ive posteed twice this will be my third time this month.. i havent had one picture.. so lets think.. what picture  to add today?:D<3
So this is from my prom.. i had prom on friday it was honestly one of the best nights of my life i will never forget my prom ever ever ever.. <3 im the one in the middle to my left we have Kylla.. who is filopino and too my right is Ella.. ive known Ella 11+ years soooooo yuup :)
Soo youve seen this picture many a times.. but i love this picture.. the man next to me daryl has to be the coolest and lovliest man alive. I miss him so much and im so happy in month and 5 days ill be seeing him.. :) 4 weeks and 5 days to go. aand i honestly cant waait! :)
Youuuve seen this before.. i really like this picture it holds three of my favourite funstars :)
We have daryl again on the far left... i cant acc wait to have a huge hug when i get there!
Next to him we have debra who i miss incredibly much.. she is one of the sweetiest people you will ever meet. I met her last yr.. and she is so nice and i miss her so muchlies :(
James who has now left.. :/
annnnd Alex who has to be the bizzzarest funnstar but one of the funniest funstars ive ever mettt :)

So this is lovely and long.. i miss debra and daryl so much.
I sound like a creep.
but i love having them as some what friends and though i probably seem pesterish.. i really just want to be friends.. so im sorry if i annoy you in any way..
littlesea in 4 weeks.. and i promise to behave :)

I apologise now...

I havent posted in what 2 weeks? maybe more. yeah i got peed off that i missed the last of 5 days.. and didnt wanna post.. overreacting much?:L
buuuut yeah... im on summer now.. im so so so overly excited for suuuuuummmmer:D
going to the swimming pool hopefully this thuuuursday! :D
Theeen im off to bournemouth on 30th of july and 2 weeks later off to see daryl and debra and gemma! :D BACK UP TO LITTLESEA YUPPPPP.
but today im doing nothing.. i dont know if i cbb to go to nans. :/
but i probably should. fuuuuuuuun.
urmm im gonna go..
peace and love

Friday, 1 July 2011

My lovely post got deleted! :'(

ill post later when i cba again
i wrote a really cool post..
and it was like blah blah blah..
so peace out :L