Thursday, 15 September 2011

I havent blogged in a month -_-

Soo i havent blogged so maybe i should(:
so last blog was in july& its not september sooo summer was amazing:D
i had a lovely holiday with my friends& family.. im so sad daz had left.. but debra, vicki & alex:D
i havent blogged because i cbb tooo.. i kept saying i was gonna and then i didnt. so yep. :/
im at school  atm.. and im meant to be studying.. but im taking a little break(:
im doing my philosophy homework& then planning on getting lunch & hanging with mia at break time(:
i wasnt liking school at the start  but its got betterish!!
lol two girls just walked through then thought they was bad asses tried to go the other way and walked into a room full of sixth formers. not cool. :LL
i can hear mr edwards.!! :L
right im off before someone sees my blog. peaaaaaaaaaace!
ouuuuuuuuuut! :L

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