Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mars fever... :)

OMG. BRUNO MARS. LAZY SONG GOSH. instead of bieber fever i have mars fever k :)
long time nooo blogg... yeah sorry about thaaaat... i faaail at blogging reguarly..... i will soon though promise :) 
So ive done 5 out of 10 hours of my art exam.. got one more day of my art exam and then shabam i never have to do a art exam agaaaain yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
But on the bright sidee.. it means i dont have to worry about homework till tommorow... yayaaaaay :D
Soooo here's a picture i took it todaaay... about half an hour ago with my blue screen behind me.... (: I look ewww... and its unedited.... because what the hecccck! Im going to try and become more proffesional with my photography soon and really want to take some more pictures of scenery at some point.... (: see you soon on my blog ppppeaaaaace out (:

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