Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eurovision contest!

Come on England <3 do us all proud... :)
So im watching it right now were on 25/25 acts at last...! 
Bluee weree amazing! gossh! 
Just prank called my friend to pass time.. gosh lol! 
can you help me find a male's hairdressers :LL aaahhh goood times! :D
aaa i love my friends! :D pahahahaa!
waiting to see jedwards little clipp for ireland looool ;)
hungraary r goood :D
LOL jeedward. bahahahaa so much energy... :L
gosh swedeen hot tings! go swedeeen!!!
what is estonia doing! pahhaaa!! :LLL
russsia... more things.. and wow. there amaazing. 
france.... urgh. :L to classical.
omg. i hate italy. wow. pahahaha.
aaahhhhh blue! god. there amazing in everywaay! :O

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