Friday, 13 May 2011

7% battery left...

Better make this short and sweet with a fast decreasing battery! paahaha... i have about 2minutes more ahhh!
7.30am wake up for dance what fuuuun. :/ nottt
so i hope yoouu liked my post yesterdaay i was acc at schooool no lie i was in the library like all kewl kids when i had a free cause i finished Drama gcse. (:
soooo yh. k. cool. i dunnoo whatta say im tired.
so its beeeders time. so like yh. okay. im going. lets just add a random sexy picture ;) Me and ellie... im revising and i loook eww and shes a kewl kid. is that a sexy enough pic i fink it is. k bye. (:

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