Monday, 9 May 2011

10pm and i havent done my homework... eeek!

Aha... yeah its 10pm... i havent done my homework and im sat typing this whaaaat a saddo (: 
Soooo today was my art exam... mixed with leaking water pots and flying paint brushes i handed in 2 pieces with my sketch book showing the simularities and differences of bright and dark buildings yaaaaaaay :D aha borrring much (: 
I came home to msn.. with ellie and facebook with jenn! which is always a delight :D waaaaaaaaay! :D
I have actually blooggeeed! like 2 days in row whether i will tommorow is a different questionn! (:  Thee picture is from the weekend.. i cant wait for the weeeeekend! goonnnna be goood! :D Sooo peace out and ill try and see you tommorow k bye (:

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