Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Left school today.. :'(

Okaaay so left school today. it was overly emotional. i almost cried at the music we went into little sad:L
but yeah.. never thought ide miss me old year this much. but im going to have great memories of them forever and i can guarentee now ill never forget them!
but yeah.. im going to keep in contact with my main friend ella obviously weve been friends for 11+ years and we aint letting that go.. even if were finally going our seperate ways.. :(
anyways i dont wanna cry over blogspot.. so yeah
3rd day postiiing.. mega proud:L
pffft. just kidding.. its like 11pm. and i gotta be up at 7.30. rebel. :L kidddddding. (:
yeah its 11.10pm. and im overly tired but i want to go to sleep and i dont cause if i go sleep all im gonna think about is my year grouuup,, but i need to be sprousy got to do a day of taster sessions tommorow. not fun.
but i get to see me new teachers :O
okay im going thiis is long. but its deffently in a few years.. ill look back and read all of these.. and be like wow. (: <3

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