Sunday, 26 June 2011

back from the river!

Sooo went to the river with my two friends Ella and Mia.. had a really nice time:D
Yeah so this is a picture of me and my friends ella we went paddeling in the river a little bit but i cant swim so we just kinda stood there.. it was nice and cool.. muddy feet though lol:L
yeah my top im wearing £6 from primark love it x333333
My friend jenn said it looked like it was from river island tehehe:D
yeahokaaaay ;)
I toook this photo this morning.. and i really like it.. one photo were i dont look half bad tehe:D
yeah.. tempted to put it on my actual blog.. as i kinda of need a updated blog!(:

okay so im goinng to update my blog
:3 i dont know why love that face atm:L
peace and love

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