Saturday, 25 June 2011

Can i post for the next 5 days lets see:D

Sooo hi,, set myself a little challenge to blog for 5 days in a row. Its gonna be a complete fail. Buuuut hey who cared ill give it ago!(:
Sooo ive been ill today which really sucks.. i woke up at 4am and was sick.. cause you needed to know that. So i didnt get to go shopping. :( but im going tommorow, and im gonna go earlyish hopefully so i can get into kfc before it gets packed ;) Theeen im just gonna do some shopping by my tod.. but i like shopping by myself cause i can walk around like no ones business and i aint got mum nagging me(:

But on the brighter siide i was having a chat with katie yesterday about littlesea 8 weeks officially today and i will be there right now sat in the club.. with daryl and debra!:D
Also last night found out theyve brought back the shows.. like the singing shows and stuff which is really good because i loved the shows so friggen much! so happy happy happy!! :D

So i took thiis yesterday.. i really love this picture.. i ediited it on picnik bout half an hour ago! :D
Im so smiley.. really cant believe i took it yesterday cause straight after this i was ill.. :/
yeah.. so i hope you enjoyed my blog.. ill try and post tommorow.. maybe ill take pics of things i get shopping and post them on here:D souuunds cool;)

peace and speak to yaaaall soon!

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