Monday, 27 June 2011

2 days in a row woopwoop:D

so.. im meant to have this weirrd sixth form thing today.. but they gave no time or anything... so i have no flipping clue bouuut it,, so i aint going.. haviing a shower and then getting ready(:
Got science revision. urgh so boring but hey hoooo i live..(:
2 more exams! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!woopwoooop:D
german revisiooon...then german exam till 2pmish.(:
wisssh me luck ;)
no picture as on laptop.. urmm buut acc...
I made this a little while ago.. top left is littlesea 2010 i miss them guys so much.. i miss amber being there:(
but i also miss charlie even tho i still see her.. i miss her being a funstar.
top right is me and daryl. geeeeee i miss him so much less than 8 weeks till i see his smiley face so excited much! :D
bottom left.. me and bunny daryl's eggs i love that picture so much.. holds very good memories:D
bottom right is littlesea tean 2011.. i miss debra and gemma.. :O :(
james has left now.. and we have a new on called kimberly she looks nice and fun:D
app she is the singer so hope she has a good voice hehe:)
anyways.. 8am play on omgpop for abiit then in the shower.// peace <3

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