Sunday, 26 June 2011

i have successfully posted once today ;)

Soo im going shopping by my tod today pretty excited not sure what im going to get yet though tehe:D:L
Going primark.. i know somethings i wanna get but i know there gonna be crazy expensive so i dont know if ill bother lol :L ;)
also having KFC and a icecream if its warm.(:
nom nom nom :D
urhhh yeah i dont know what to say.. i shouuld really get dressed so i can go but shops wont open till like 10am on sundays so i have plenty of time.. leave house bout half ten ish:L
i thiink im going to go play omgpop till 10.. wake me up abiit wonder what wacky things ill have to draw on draw my thing!:L
create match
5 players...
ooooo how exciting not :L
i finally learnt how to put the omgpop link as a tab yay:D
a telephone.. pfft. mine sucked
and then a fingernail. lol:D
im thrasshing them!:L
LOL the word was toilet paper:D
peace out.(:
ill post aaagin later

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